About Us

SHINE Academy for Girls is an exciting new opportunity for the emotional and social education of girls. 

The SHINE Academy curriculum aims to build the foundations of a resilient human being: a person who can competently, calmly and positively handle anything that life presents.

Our programs promote the building of resilience, self-esteem, healthy self-confidence, emotional and social intelligence, social and interpersonal skills.

We also seek to seed adaptability & adversity intelligence (together known as AQ) - a critical skill in our rapidly changing world.

Much of our curriculum teaches the importance of connecting your self-worth to the content of your character, not your looks, wealth, background, social/economic status or possessions.

Our goal is early intervention: a rigorous curriculum to empower and equip your daughters with the skills to cope with the difficult, challenging and hurtful experiences that we all face in life. Our programs provide your daughter with the skills to navigate the teenage years; building foundations of empathy, resilience, self-discipline and the courage to follow her own path.

Our mission is to build a more confident, courteous, empowered and resilient generation of young women who treat themselves and others with the utmost respect.


Our students will be the inspiring young women and leaders of tomorrow.