Program 8: How to become a People Magnet and get along with anyone

Upon completion of SHINE Program 8, we expect that our students:
  • can confidently strike up a conversation with a person they have never met. Since aptitude in such a skill is becoming rare, skilled conversationalists will stand out from the crowd in scholarship/job interviews, networking, etc.
  • can conclude a conversation leaving the other person wanting to speak with them further
  • can comfortably attend any social event alone and feel familiar with the appropriate behaviour for any given occasion
  • can smile and stand comfortably around others without sending inappropriate messages
  • can cater their vocabulary to the occasion
  • understand the power of the appropriate handshake
  • can action the cognitive skills to remember people’s names
  • understand the difference between an average and an excellent listener
  • understand the concept of paying kindness forward and making it a daily habit
  • understand the magic of an appropriate greeting and the lasting impression of a thoughtful and genuine goodbye
  • understand the natural skills of how to make friends and keep them
  • have mastered the skill of "confident kindness"
  • understand the value of open vs. closed-ended questions
  • appreciate the value of empathic movement and thoughtful conversational style and tone