Program 4: Some of Life’s Toughest Lessons: How to handle rejection, failure, criticism, conflict and bullying

Upon completion of SHINE Program 4, we expect that our students:
  • have developed an understanding that life’s toughest lessons are diamonds in the dumpster, opportunities to gain wisdom and opportunities to become a more effective human being
  • have realised that common negative responses in our community to difficult life lessons are learnt behaviours and thus can be modified and re-learnt with the benefit of self-awareness, self-discipline, practice and support
  • understand the four choices available to human beings in which to display their hurt and anger. These are: (1) aggression (includes self-destructive behaviour); (2) passive aggression (includes the silent treatment); (3) anger turned inward (known as depression); and (4) being assertive. Understanding that the assertive choice is the only choice that is healthy, productive, kind to self and respectful to others
  • feel empowered to inspire and support others to make courageous life choices
  • understand that facing painful life lessons is the main pathway to developing wisdom
  • understand the concept of boundaries - consciously protecting yourself from difficult, demanding or toxic people (a key element of self-respect and good mental health)